Disaster Preparedness eBook Available to Facet Readers

Disaster Preparedness

eBook Available to Facet Readers

Our friends at Firestorm have an outstanding eBook available for our readers: Disaster Ready People for a Disaster Ready America

Given the recent disastrous wildfires Texas has experienced, this is a timely benefit for your company and employees.

Firestorm founders Harry Rhulen and Jim Satterfield wrote Disaster Ready People for a Disaster Ready America specifically toDisaster Ready People address the need for disaster preparedness at home, and the book has become a cornerstone of many personal and corporate preparedness programs. “Remember:  you are your own first responder,” the book reminds readers as it guides them through a comprehensive program of readiness.

Employee Preparedness

Many companies have used Disaster Ready People for a Disaster Ready America as a promotional tool/gift for their clients, who in turn use the book to encourage their own employees to develop plans at home. In every crisis or disaster, family concerns override work commitments.  If the impact of a disaster or crisis can be lessened, the benefits to the employee, their family, and the client are enormous. The process of addressing these exposures sends a positive message to every employee that their family’s well being is valued.   In addition, the client’s operational and financial impacts can be lessened. Firestorm has customized the Disaster Ready People book for several companies, utilizing their corporate logo on the cover and a foreword written by their CEO.

Standard versions of the book can be shipped from existing inventory within five business days. In checking with the publisher regarding the printing of a custom, client version of Disaster Ready People, Firestorm can easily modify the book to meet client needs. Upon publisher receipt of the camera-ready logo and CEO foreword, a proof will be provided to the client within three business days. After proof approval by the client, the book will be printed and shipped within 45 to 60 days.  Furthermore, if additional pages of specific content relating to the client’s corporate plans or services are requested, Firestorm can arrange to add a custom chapter up to 10 pages to the client version for a small, additional incremental charge.

Currently, Firestorm is enhancing the Disaster Ready People book series to address the remaining four out of five common failures – Failure of Critical Supply Vendors, Failure to Identify all Vulnerabilities, Failure to Update and Test Plans, and Failure to have a Crisis Communications Plan. These books will focus on the impacts on corporations and contain insights and case studies from key C-level executives. The series will also reinforce the strategic governance responsibility and compliance.


About facet
FACET is a human resources consulting firm specializing in the four phases of the Talent Management Cycle: Attract, Retain, Develop, and Transition. The Group's practice specifically addresses facilitation of smooth career/life transitions for individuals leaving organizations as well as career management, leadership training and coaching for employees whose assignments within organizations are impacted by change or other organizational needs. By application of several directions of pursuit, the corporation accomplishes a single goal: maximum utilization of human resource potential and productivity through efficient hiring, training and career development. The Facet Group was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana. As an ARBORA GLOBAL PARTNER, The Facet Group shares a parallel philosophy of the highest quality and standards with other owner invested firms. Through this network, we provide services worldwide. To address organizational needs outlined by its clients, The Facet Group offers a comprehensive package of workplace consulting services, focusing on providing high quality, creative programs which favorably impact the bottom line.

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