FacetAdvisor, AUGUST 2012

FacetAdvisor, AUGUST 2012




FACET has experienced great success with our Rescue program, and we want to explain a bit more about it for you.

RESCUE is designed to assist business owners and upper management professionals, and their companies from the many “headaches” that arise in day-to-day operations and during critical change.

From quality growth plans to fundamental HR consulting, job descriptions to compensation plans, we support key departments and senior level managers and executives to implement processes, mitigate risk and increase efficiency in their organization.

FACET helps Organizational Leadership sift through the myriad of organizational issues to identify the critical few improvement areas in catapulting performance to breakthrough levels.

We also recognize that the Organizational Frontline is one of the most important “people” place in an organization, where customer and client service, product quality and market reputation are built.

One purpose of the RESCUE process is to meet an organizational requirement for assisting valued employees in effective management of their careers.

Focusing on both the employer’s goals and the employee’s perceived career needs, the program helps participants evaluate business and personal goals.

By assessing relevant attitudinal and behavioral factors, selected individuals can direct energy toward achieving specific personal and organizational objectives.

New Leader Coaching is designed to help achieve a successful transition to new or expanded leadership responsibility.

Currently, most organizations report a disappointment or failure rate of approximately 40% for new leaders 12-18 months into their assignment.

New Leader Coaching is intended as a proactive/preventive process of leadership development, which ideally starts before or at the time of the executive’s appointment.

It can also be implemented following the appointment if it becomes apparent the executive is encountering transitional problems. It is appropriate for both new and experienced executives.

Change Leader Coaching is a process designed to assist leaders charged with planning and implementing significant organizational change.

Recent research indicates that 50% – 75% of change processes fail to meet their objectives. Personal success factors include:

(1) anticipating and initiating change,

(2) envisioning and communicating change,

(3) managing resistance and conflict,

(4) managing the change.

Change Leader Coaching is intended as a preventive/proactive process, but can be implemented as a reaction to the executive encountering challenging change management situations.

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Managing the Human Side of Change


From a recent transition workshop attendee:

“Hello, over the past week I attended a training seminar with my company Staples to get us ready for finding a new job. The training was lead by Darlene, Connie, and Mary.

I am very happy to have worked with these three amazing people. They have the knowledge and ability to make you think outside the box, evaluate your skills, and build up your confidence.

The love they have for their career shows like a bright light in a dark room. This is not a job to them but their calling in life.

They have made an unspeakable impact on my life in just two days. Please take the time to let them and everyone in your company know how great of an asset they are to your company.”


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Carolyn Greco presents CREATING & IMPLEMENTING BREAKTHROUGH STRATEGIES at Global Outplacement Alliance Summit Meeting

Stretch.  Innovate.  Make Waves.

Carolyn Greco’s recent address to the Global Outplacement Alliance explored a key theme of Leadership, and “Making Waves.”

Carolyn’s theme was: Let’s get in the ‘breakthrough strategy’ frame of mind through:

  – Disruptive Innovation
  – Breakthrough Innovation
  – Sustaining Innovation

She discussed how great leaders lead “Waves of Innovation” – while the rest of the world makes ripples.  Great Leaders employ this ‘wave thinking’ in both Strategy and Execution by being 100% PASSIONATELY POSITIVE and being 100% CONSTRUCTIVELY NEGATIVE.

Using Bill Gates as an example, Ms. Greco discussed the concepts of Bill Gates and Microsoft®, and their leadership approach of leading both Outside the Box and In It; 100% Passionately Positive:  To Inspire Innovation; to Embrace Radical Solutions.

And to the concept of 100% Constructively Negative:  To Identify Imperfection; to Embrace the Brutal Facts.

Ms. Greco went on to discuss Wave Thinking and Wave Leadership: Great leaders don’t stop at just one breakthrough; they lead waves of innovation in their organizations, while the rest of the world makes ripples. How do they do this?

You’ve heard of logical thinking, lateral thinking, right brained thinking, and whole brained thinking. Remarkable leaders, as well as great innovators, employ Wave Thinking. In fact, this Wave Thinking permeates their entire leadership style to the point that we call it Wave Leadership.

One of the most important responsibilities of a leader at any level is to work with their team to
develop a vision and strategy for their organization.

Strategic planning powered by Wave Thinking increases the potential for innovation and increased profitable
growth.  Want to Learn More? 

FACET is a Founding Member of

Global Outplacement Alliance
Managing the Human Side of Change



About facet
FACET is a human resources consulting firm specializing in the four phases of the Talent Management Cycle: Attract, Retain, Develop, and Transition. The Group's practice specifically addresses facilitation of smooth career/life transitions for individuals leaving organizations as well as career management, leadership training and coaching for employees whose assignments within organizations are impacted by change or other organizational needs. By application of several directions of pursuit, the corporation accomplishes a single goal: maximum utilization of human resource potential and productivity through efficient hiring, training and career development. The Facet Group was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana. As an ARBORA GLOBAL PARTNER, The Facet Group shares a parallel philosophy of the highest quality and standards with other owner invested firms. Through this network, we provide services worldwide. To address organizational needs outlined by its clients, The Facet Group offers a comprehensive package of workplace consulting services, focusing on providing high quality, creative programs which favorably impact the bottom line.

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