Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Our Guest Peter Berner of Pilot Workplace Advisors contributes this piece

Hi there,  

bernerHere is my weekly 30 second idea for you and your career.

Erik is one of my career heroes. Erik had an MBA and a Doctorate. Erik delivered the mail at a large corporation we both worked at. Erik happily pushed his mail cart from office-to-office, floor-to-floor, every day. By choice, Erik worked at a stress-free job that paid him just enough to support a frugal but fulfilling life of freedom, travel and outdoor adventure. Erik made no apologies for not using his education to make more money. Erik was exactly where he needed and wanted to be in his life and career.  To those of us suffering the insanities of the workplace, the stress of corporate demands, the competition for promotion, the pressure of politics, the jerkiness of coworkers, Erik was something of a folk hero- easy to admire; hard to emulate.

There was a particularly mean, nasty, feared and despised senior executive at this company.  On the day that she was (finally) fired, Erik could be heard singing “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” (the famous Munchkin tune from ‘The Wizard of Oz’) as he pushed his mail cart throughout the building.  Hundreds of coworkers tried to suppress smiles while humming along under their breath; each of us knowing that Erik was the only one of us who could do what we all desperately wished we were willing or able to do. If Erik lost his job over this stunt (he didn’t) he could easily push a mail cart somewhere else.

Lovable goofballs like Erik are great reminders that we all make choices and trade-offs in our jobs and careers. Are you getting good value for the price you are paying to do your job?

Take great care of yourself, and your career. 

Peter Berner

Pilot Workplace Advisors


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