Facet – One Individual at a Time – Outplacement

There’s nothing more frustrating, demoralizing, and discouraging to the job seeker-in-transition than sensing that they’re not standing out. Not getting noticed. That by appearing the same as everyone else–they’re getting lost in the shuffle. Obscured in the piles. Buried in the stacks.

Coming to believe that their chances of finding a new job, are about as slim as finding a you-know-what in one of these.

At Facet, our focus is on keeping our clients out of the stacks. We don’t subscribe to the all-too-common one-size-fits-all outplacement approach. Instead, we firmly believe in what you could call a one-size-fits-(pause)-one approach.

One individual at a time. Creating a distinctive and powerful brand for each. Crafting their unique story–that moulds, and threads, their needle. So they’ll break through, generate interest, command attention––at the top of the stack.