HireFriday: a Twitter Trend you just might be able to live with

By guest contributor Karen Masullo

HireFriday, Twitter, Margo Rose and Chris BroganFirst, if you just said “what does Twitter have to due with anything…” we need to talk.  Seriously.

For the rest of you, Twitter is fast becoming a versatile, virtual job fair tool, by means of one woman, Margo Rose, and the Twitter hashtag #HireFriday.

It started with a lonely Tweet. That’s how Margo Rose describes it.

I saw the message. It went by quickly – I noticed it. It was in my stream because I follow Chris Brogan, and I pay attention to what Chris Brogan is checking out.

It also got my attention because of frickin’ #FollowFriday.

See, on Twitter, #FollowFriday (aka #FF), was, and is, a pain in the butt.  I suppose it has its roots in a well-meaning epiphany-message gone horribly viral, just as I suppose there’s an #Everybodyhugatnoon out there that never caught on. Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should people. (Continued here…)