FACET Opens Pittsburgh Office

FACET is pleased to announce the opening of its PITTSBURGH, PA office, November 15, 2013.  

“Returning to Western Pennsylvania to establish an office and work near my home town of Beaver Falls is a dream come true!” says Carolyn Greco, President/CEO of FACET.

In addition to the opportunity to do business in the Pittsburgh area, Carolyn has added a long time friend, classmate and business associate, Carol Estok, to spearhead delivery and marketing in the area.

“Carol and I attended Junior High School, High School and College together, with both of us concentrating on Education.  While I headed to Louisiana, Carol remained in the Pittsburgh area teaching for over 30 years.   Her teaching background as well as know-how in running a business is the perfect combination for us.”

The opening of the Pittsburgh area office is a great benefit to the Global Outplacement Alliance (GOA) as well.  Along with GOA Partner Andy Borkin, Strategic Advancement, Inc.’s Philadelphia office, GOA now provides coverage throughout the state.

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1097 North Avenue  |  Millvale‎ PA‎ 15209  |  412.522.0774

A Tale of Two Candidates

By guest contributor and FACET Transition Consultant Karen M. Carroll

Recently, we had two candidates from different client organizations with very different needs.  We’ll call these candidates “Mary” and “Jane.”

Mary is a Senior-level, dual Master’s degreed Engineer, with an exceptional career history.  While Mary is technologically savvy, she had a bare-bones LinkedIn profile as she had held her previous position for more than 10 years and did not use LinkedIn to network or develop new business for her company.  Her resume was very, very long.

While Mary has a tremendous business network, and was very comfortable approaching them regarding her transition, she did have a need to present her qualifications, skills, abilities and background – her marketing materials – in a more compact and succinct manner.  Additionally, she was aware that interviewing requires preparation and practice, and her ideal target company has a very stringent interview process.

During our initial assessment with Mary, and because “boutique” Outplacement firms like Facet have the ability to completely customize a program, we created a program within the 6-month time-period her former employer offered; we collaborated on her new resume, created a complete LinkedIn profile and trained her on usage, and held several face-to-face interview role-playing sessions.  Mary took advantage of all resources offered, deeply researched her target companies, and successfully transitioned into her new role – after considering three offers – at her number one employer preference. Her entire experience took 5.5 months, and as a part of her negotiation package, requested her new employer sponsor a one-month on-boarding program in lieu of another benefit she did not need.

Our second candidate “Jane” was of a different mind-set when she first engaged in her program; she was angry, she was hurt, she was scared.  By acknowledging and engaging in her transition program she would be acknowledging the reality of the end of her former position. She was resistant.

As a consultant, our first job is to listen.  It is critical we understand the candidate’s current state in order to appropriately keep our client companies informed of any future challenges or potential risks, and in order to best assist the candidate in moving forward.

Again, by having the ability to communicate with the candidate and customize a program, rather than try and fit Jane into a cookie-cutter template, we were able to meet her as she needed to be met; through the virtual program option her sponsoring employer selected, we helped her inventory her skills and accomplishments – of which there were many – and this exercise alone helped her see her worth and focus her energies on moving forward.  As she was fluent in social media, we worked together to choose the best social tools and resources that would be “active” rather than “passive” tools.  We Skype interviewed to help hone her skills in this area, and recorded the sessions for playback and analysis.  We provided access to virtual tools and resources that addressed every aspect of her transition.  Jane has moved forward effectively, and potential damage to her previous employer was mitigated.

Many outplacement companies today market “new” solely virtual programs with the promise of reducing cost by reducing consultant interaction time.  There is nothing “new” in taking quality out of a program to reduce cost.  At Facet, we know that each candidate requires specific tools and services in order to move on in their career, and through the guidance of a seasoned transition consultant, we manage the delivery of these “Classic” services – whether virtual or face-to-face – in a cost- and time-appropriate manner that does not abandon the candidate, and we have been doing so successfully for years.

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